I am a Sponsor

The benefits that are available from a partnership with 4x4 in Schools range from brand awareness resulting from the mass-media coverage that the challenge generates, to direct engagement with both students and teachers within the competing schools, not to mention their friends and families.

Main Attributes and Benefits of the Program:

- Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

- Media coverage and PR

- A very positive community-driven campaign opportunity

- Community relations

- Valuing future generations

- Commitment to education and local communities

- A very positive, powerful and, most importantly, clean product association

- Providing millions of children with the opportunity to learn multiple educational and business skills

- 7 year age demographic spread from 13 to 19 

- STEM engagement and enhancement activity with Industry links

- Direct face-to-face marketing and advertising opportunity to students at their most influential age

- Direct face-to-face marketing and advertising opportunity to parents and teachers through the competing children

- Awareness levels of thousands, spanning gender, race, age, communities, countries and continents

- Networking opportunities within industry and education